Agile – I know it when I see it

This is the start of a post I’ve added to my Pivotal Labs blog

What does an agile software development team look like?

At core, software engineers turn ideas into results. Of course we are not the only ones with this job description. We share it with many other creative professions. Writers, for example, turn ideas into words that inspire, educate and inform. That’s pretty much what we do too: we turn ideas into words that instruct a computer system to perform a desired behaviour.

Focusing on writers for a moment… there are a wide range of writing environments and styles. On one side of the spectrum are novelists who secret themselves away into a quiet room, where they can find the time and space to breathe life into their intricate vision. On the other are journalists on the newsroom floor, sampling from an avalanche of information, responding quickly to what’s new and what’s important.

At Pivotal Labs, we work with many fast-moving companies, helping them to fashion the software engineering capability they need to succeed. Our approach is to create an environment that resembles a newsroom more than a writer’s hide away.


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